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Come host your yoga/wellness retreat with us

yoga/wellness retreats

Holding space for your students

This enchanting space is perfect for teachers looking to hold an intimate retreat in nature. The empowering practice circle with its natural energetic qualities is the perfect haven for student and teacher to come together.

This unique space connects us with the elements, and the rhythm of nature, taking us back to the authentic practices of traditional yoga. In the summer, early morning yoga sessions are a joy as the sun rises over the mountains to re-energise the soul, as ‘Surya Namaskar’ can be moved through in all its entirety. As the sun descends,  behind the mountains to the west, our evening practice can begin, yoga on the full moon or evening meditations with spectacular starry skies free from air and light pollution.


the circle

Cultivating a deeper connection

’The Circle' rests upon the original wheat era, recently renewed to provide a unique outside space for your practice. Whether you are a seasoned yogi, a beginner in Qigong or just a healthy holidaymaker, you will feel energised and grounded in this beautiful, natural environment.


The circle is located just behind the Mill, nestled by the mountains. The short trek up the winding stone path adds to the experience, like a small pilgrimage to a sacred place.


There are expansive views down the valley to the Mediterranean and the mountains themselves are rich in minerals, particularly milky white quartz and iron ore, which contributes to the unique energy of the space, helping you to cultivate a new depth to your practice.


After your practice and back on the path down, you can stop off and take a wild swim in ’The Balsa’ (a huge water holding). The Balsa is fed all year round with clean pure water from an ancient natural underground spring. With this final ritual to cool and delight you, it's certain you will feel truly awakened by the whole experience.


Natural water has always held the magical power to cure.

Roger Deakin, Author and wild swimmer


The Shala

Our multi-purpose space is a shaded, covered area located in the gardens of the Mill. It has been constructed using natural local materials of bamboo and recycled wood. The Shala has been designed to be used for various purposes including morning and evening yoga, meditation, dance, massage or more private sessions.

With high quality eco rise mats, organic cotton practice blankets and equipment from @yogamatters you will have real comfort in your practice. You will be supported beautifully with Mill.Space’s own exquisite range of bolsters and eye bags. We use washed linens and block print Indian cottons with natural fillings. You are definitely in for a treat!


Cleanliness is one of the Mill’s top priorities. We supply each student with their own personal equipment for the duration of their stay.


Rest and Relax

The quirky, Moorish inspired rooms, outside spaces and terraces work perfectly for retreats. There are shaded and quiet spots for reading or contemplation, with hammocks and low seating dotted around the garden. Lounge by the swimming pool and absorb the sun or simply take some time out to have a siesta. With two self-contained studios, shared rooms or a private room, there is something for everyone’s budget or preference.

We have five rooms and space for 11 students based on sharing or 10 with one double room/ single occupancy. Teachers can be provided with separate accommodation if required.

Things to do

There are plenty of ways to entertain yourself at the Mill between yoga sessions. You can simply decompress and do nothing or try a tech detox and see how it makes you feel! You can have a massage, swim, read, play board games, cards or boules outside, spot the wildlife or just get to know the Mill’s pets.


Let yourself enjoy some arts or crafts in the cool shaded Moroccan back terrace. Join a talk, learn about the history of the working Mill or take a short walk to discover the cave where the natural spring flows from, explore the natural raw beauty surrounding the Mill with views to take your breath away! 


There is a fun vibe at the Mill with its eccentric design and unique details. It is really suited to small friendly retreats. Warmly welcoming you into our home, we want you to enjoy all the charm that the Mill has to offer. 


A choice of excursions, beach trips, an evening out and holistic therapies can be booked for your group prior to or on arrival. For pricing and more detailed info about retreats and what is on offer please contact us using the form below.



The food provided at the Mill is wholesome and nutritious, we source as much organic and local produce as possible. We produce our own olive oil and carob powder from our trees, which brings a little extra culinary pleasure to the table!


The food is based on vegetarian recipes with a nice mix of Mediterranean and Moroccan influences running through the menus and even some Ayurvedic cuisine (the ’sister science’ of yoga) making the food simply heart-warming, nourishing and balancing to the system.


The menu can be adjusted to the preference of vegans, people with allergies and / or intolerances.

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.

The Bhagavad Gita

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