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Nature never goes out of style

Mill Space is an ideal location for hosting all kinds of creative and art related retreats or pursuits. From textile artisans to image makers. One of the advantages of bringing your group here is our own experience in creative industries and knowledge of the area. We will freely give our know-how and guidance, working closely with you, to bring your unique vision to life.


This region of Andalusia has long been favoured by photographers, filmmakers and painters. At the Mill and the surrounding areas you will find interesting ancient ruins, Arabic architecture, beaches and awe-inspiring location spots. With the Tabernas Desert nearby you can see where the legendary spaghetti western films and classic films such as Lawrence of Arabia were shot. Boasting stunning natural light and rugged landscapes the area lends itself beautifully to being captured on canvas or recorded on film, bringing something magical to any artist’s work.

We have five rooms and space for around 11 people based on sharing or 10 with one double room/single occupancy.

Retreat guides can be provided with separate accommodation if required.


Keep your love of nature, for that is the true way to understand art more and more.

Vincent Van Gogh, Painter

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