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Come hold your sacred ceremony with us

alternative weddings renewal of sacred vows
Shamanic ceremonies
Plant medicine

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Image source: Rebecca Kenyon

The sacred circle is found above the Mill, nestled among the mountains of the Cabo De Gata which are rich in milky white quartz and in the heart of nature. For hundreds of years it was used as a place to process the local crops in preparation for milling below inside the Mill. A powerful space with stunning views into the valley and the mediterranean beyond, holding the collective memory of many generations who worked here to produce food, giving sustenance for the local community.

This is the perfect space for performing all kinds of ceremony from alternative weddings to ancient plant medicine rituals.
We welcome a diverse and rich mix of ceremonies here at the Mill, please contact us if you would like more details about holding your ceremony here at MillSpace.

Alternative weddings

We use the term Alternative wedding to include many other bonding ceremonies such as spiritual wedding, Celtic wedding, new age wedding, nature wedding, same sex weddings, wiccan or neo-pagan etc. We never judge you or your personal choices on this sacred day.

Renewal of sacred vows

Details coming soon...

Shamanic ceremony

Ceremony and rituals are important parts of shamanic healing. These practices help to create a sacred space and honour the energies and spirits of the natural world. Ceremonies may involve the use of plants, herbs, or other natural remedies to support healing and connect with the spirit world.

Plant medicine ceremonies

One of our regular guest facilitators, Rebecca Kenyon, offers natural medicines in the safe container of an intimate ceremony setting. These include Kambo (administered through the top layer of the skin), Rapé (sacred snuff) and Sananga (eye drops). All are legal and non-hallucinogenic.  They are beneficial for improving and healing numerous chronic or physical conditions, mental health issues including depression, anxiety and addiction, as well as boosting the immune system and often bringing insights and clarity. Rebecca is a trained, experienced facilitator and holds a gentle space for a transformative experience.

Capturing the ceremony

You may want to record this special moment on the circle. After collaborating with Octavia and Klaus previously we would suggest asking this amazing couple to capture your ceremony.

candle light ceremony.JPG

Ceremony offers us an opportunity to release the past, be still in the present, and set intentions for the future.

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